POWERUP bike fitting specialists of Lincoln  

Why is having a bike fit important?
It is important for your bike to fit properly to achieve your optimum performance. the best, most expensive cycle will not achieve results if the ‘fit’ is wrong. Everyone is an individual, therefore the process of bike fitting is individual to your specific dimensions and cycling needs. The wrong fit of a bike can be uncomfortable and at worst cause injury. Making a bike fit involves adjustment to saddle height, stem length and shoe and cleat alignment, this is dependant upon the biomechanics of your body.
We do not sell bikes, we are only interested in ensuring your bike fits you properly to enable your performance to be optimized.

Our bike fitting service
Our bike fitting service is by appointment only.
All cyclists are welcome, be novice or specialist from triathletes, long distance cyclist, road racers, time trialists, ironman competitors, leisure riders and commuters.
We offer a non pressured relaxed, private service for all cyclists.


“I have been cycling for some years mostly road bikes but never had a bike fitting, i got into triathlons and with that the need for a time trial bike. While not essential, was top on my list. Having managed to pick up a second hand time trial bike i needed to ensure that it was suited to my size, i did a quick search on the internet to compare prices, then was fortunate enough to be put into contact with Russ. I found Russ to be very professional leaving no stone unturned. Following an assessment of my cycling needs, strengths and weakness it was onto the bike. Extensive measurements were taken looking at various angles and measurements. Also cleat positions were reviewed and changed where needed. The whole process took 3-4 hours. I would highly recommend Russ and the services i received from powerupbikefitting.co.uk” 

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Please note that any mention to Russ that he is EX GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER for the team lands end to john o’groats, may drive him to tears and cause your bike fit to take longer than needed!

If you would like to contact ‘POWER UP’with an enquiry or to make  a booking, please use the following email address: