Q:      Should my saddle be the same height on all my bikes? 

A:      Your saddle height should be the same on say 2 road bikes & the same on 2 TT bikes but they should be different on a road bike to a TT bike. A common fault is setting your saddle height the same on your winter road bike to your summer road bike, its highly likely the frames have differentseat tube angles therefore the saddle will need a different rail position to replicate the same cycling position.

 Q:      I get back ache after 20 miles? 

A:      It’s likely you are in a too aggressive position in relation to your hip flexion , we all want to look like a pro but in reality pro’s doan hr of yoga a day , if the position is too aggressive we get twisting in the hips causing extra pressure on our back then back ache.

 Q:      Should my cleats be in the same position on either foot?

A:More often than not they should be in different positions due to most of us having different size feet therefore our feet sit in a different place in each shoe. This is all measured on a bike fit with shoe & cleat alignment

Q:      My hands go numb or ache?
A:      Once again this can be caused through our position being too aggressive, we always aim for more weight on our rear than the hands to give us and the bike balance espcially for distance riding or tri. 

Q:      I get cramp in my feet or hot foot? 

A:      Footbeds go a long way to sorting this problem along with having your cleats aligned. It’s advisable you go along this route before adding wedges to the shoes.A foot assessment is all in with a bike fit.

Q:      I never ride on my drops? 
A:      It’s possible you are too low on the front end ,your hoods are ideal for pack riding & climbing but when you want to turn it up a notch on the flat your drops should be your default position if they are not your position is probably wrong. 

Q:     I get saddle sores?

A:     There can be a couple of reasons for saddle sores, the most common is that your set up is not right meaning that you are not sitting in the correct place on the saddle , the other possible reason is your saddle may be too wide or narrow for your sit bones .This can all be assessed through a bike fit.