Having taken the chance on a fit by someone I found on the internet, I can only say that I am so pleased I went with my instinct, a huge thankyou and money well spent. If you are only riding occasionally, for fitness, or more, a bike fit is truly and highly recommended. 
I have now had six rides since the fit (just under 200miles), the first two settling into the new riding position, my average speed has increased slightly, less/no numbness in my hands, less to no pain in my legs, use of my drop position has increase significantly, ( The first time I went for my bottle, it wasn’t in the usual position  which made me laugh…), and I feel so much more comfortable using them on segments that I normally push myself on.  Overall, I feel stronger and more confident in this new position, amazing…. 

David “Hardman “Evans

I used Russ as a friend highly recommended him and had Russ fit my racer and gravel bikes and can’t recommend him enough as I was having issue with my gravel bike causing me aches and pains and generally not fitting me right ruining my rides both bikes have been altered quite a lot including changing a stem on one and moving brakes on another it’s transformed how they ride great guy very knowledgeable and helpful 10/10
James harris 

Pete “the pirate” Ruddock

Hi Russ, just giving you a bit of feedback on the bike-fit. 
It’s great to ride, and so different to how it was prior to the bike-fit. 
The twitchiness I noticed riding round the block was not an issue at all, obviously just went over a few bumps causing it shake its head. 
I did the ride yesterday – 47 miles, with a few hills. No problems, ascending or descending. 
No danger of me being at the front even if I’d wanted to. The younger, fitter, and more experienced riders I couldn’t live with! 
The saddle issues, I would say are 95% gone. 
Thanks Russ. 
Regards – Pete Ruddock.


Jon “race around Ireland “gray

Hi Russ,

    I wanted to say a big thank you for the time and help you provided with my bike fitting. I had no major issues with either frame during Race Around Ireland and was comfortable throughout the ordeal.

Unfortunately, a chest infection got me and I was stopped at 1200km (about 700km on the Felt, 500km on the Specialised). Completely addicted to the aerobars now too.

I doubt I would have made it that far without your expert advice.

Many thanks,


Darren Williams (daz the fast lad)


Just a quick email to thank you again for yesterday’s bike fit. Been out today 

(Planet X) for a 85km ride out of Sheffield with 1600 meters of elevation and I’ve never felt stronger. Not one back niggle either! 

Kind regards, 



Christy Loughlin (be nice as martial arts black belt)

Hi Russ 

I just wanted to let you know, I’ve cycled 100 miles since my bike fit and I have absolutely no shoulder or knee pain. My friend thinks you added an engine to my bike as I’m now leaving her for dust so you can exspect a visit from her in the not to distance future. Obviously I won’t recommend you to everyone or I will never make Queen of the mountain!! Haha. 

Thank you 


MATHEW BLADES (inspirational weight loss)

Hi Russell,

Just thought I’d let you know I have been out on both bikes now …. about 40 miles on each and totally problem free. I can’t recall riding so comfortably and also managed a good speed / pace.

So confident again I’ve signed up for a sportive at a middle distance.

Many thanks again for all your help.


Matthew Blades


Sam Martin (Hardcore training for a half ironman)

Hi Russ,

Just thought I’d send you a quick email regarding my first post bike fit ride that I did today. It went superbly well! I felt so much more comfy and also more efficient. Also, from a control perspective, I felt much more confident in cornering both on and off the aero bars and also in more control of the bike in general. Lastly and most importantly, I didn’t have too much time to train today but went on a 28 mile loop which I’ve done on numerous occasions and managed to stay on the aero bars for about 25 miles continuously and felt comfy (could only manage 1 mile prior to the fit). My previous PB for this route for the same heart rate zone was 1:30 and today I did it in 1:26! I’m over the moon and would like to thank you again for your great work! 

Sam Martin


jacqui saxon (age category triathlete European champs tri.i won’t say what age! )

I have had 2 bike fits with Russ now & I have to say that he is a genius at what he does. I have had two operations on my shoulders which has resulted in me having a different riding position so a new fit was essential.

As a keen triathlete i have a Time Trial Bike which i have never been confident in riding. I took this along to Russ for him to have a look at and all I can say that despite having a Retul Fit on this bike the set up was all wrong. Within an hour Russ had solved the problems I was having and most importantly i felt really confident when riding it. 
My new road bike was set up for me also including changing the handlebars to match my all new shoulders and I now love riding my bike, no more aches & pains, if you are considering a bike fit then DO IT but more importantly get Russ to sort it out for you. 

Jacqui saxon 


Peter Stanbridge (I knocked his arm off by accident and it had Bianchi written inside)

 Hi Russ,

Just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for an excellent Bike fit the other week. I have fallen in love with my bike again (even if it doesn’t look quite as pretty as it did).

Always a problem with a Bianchi rider!!

I’ve finally realized, although I knew anyway that it should be substance over style and not the other way round.

Since my fit, I now ride on the drops most of the time which has improved speed and efficiency. I never realized this should be the default position.

I am definitely putting more power through the pedals and I’m gradually seeing my average mph going up ride on ride.

My previous problem of knee pain after 45 to 50 miles seems to have gone and no back pain. 

Everything I thought was right; longer stem, saddle right back, etc was all the other way round and I’ve been riding 18 years!!

I no longer shuffle around on the saddle and feel much more at one with the bike. Amazing!

So impressed, I recommended a mate to you after my first ride out. He’s coming next week I believe. And there’s more to follow. 

My only problem with that is that he will benefit too and my slight advantage will have gone. I’ll just have to play the Veteran Card

Peter stanbridge

Al Seymour (living the dream in america)

By way of validation as well, the fit you gave me has been excellent… After more than 5000 miles of riding this year, increased fitness, flexibility and weight loss – I went in for the offer of a Retule fit…it was discounted so I thought why not? Anyway, we change the bars to a narrower set (and I think you identified this anyway) and made minor adjustments to the drop and seat… It is a more aggressive set up but then again my belly doesn’t get in the way anymore! So bottom line you did a cracking job easily equal to the best 3d fitting now available! I would be happy to write that on your site too if you wish!



John Clarke (the one and only— in louth— possibly)

Hi Russ -Just a big thanks for the bike fit you did for me last Saturday. A couple of our members from Louth Velo had a fit and came back very positive and I am sure a little faster. As a weekend cyclists doing the odd sportive etc. I didn’t really believe that Russ could make a lot of difference, especially as I thought my position on the bike was pretty much spot on. However after a recent bit of knee ache and an impending cycling holiday I decided to take the plunge. How wrong I was about my position being good on the bike! Russ explained what he was doing every step of the way and made the whole process very informative yet relaxing, going through every detail of my riding history, health, aims etc before fitting me correctly to my existing bike. The subtle changes in handlebars, stem length, saddle position, height and cleat position now have me feeling very different on my bike. Biggest changes have to be my position on the drops where I now feel comfortable and more confident on the downhill’s and I now seem to use less effort to get the same sort of power through the cranks as before. Above all it has given me peace of mind that I am riding the bike in the correct position and will hopefully help to prevent any reoccurrence of niggling knee problems.Thanks Russ – a true professional. Thoroughly recommended however seriously you treat your cycling.John Clarke


Barry Phillips(future racer)

Hi Russ,

Thanks for the excellent and friendly service, I have noticed an improvement in many ways following Ç.  Here is a bit of feedback:

I feel more in command of the bike sat higher.

Pedalling feels far more ‘fluid’.

I get no issues with back, neck or arm ache.

Less pressure in the groin so more comfortable.

Less loss of circulation in my hands (usually brought on now by not using the hoods)

An increase in speed.

Improved hill climbing ability.

If there is anything specific you would like to know then get back to me.

Well worth the visit and will continue to recommend.

Many thanks

Barry Phillips


Mark patterson (ironman)


You’re a miracle worker! Just been out on the tt bike for 3 hours. Felt like I could stay on the areo bars all day, all aches and pains gone and the bike just seemed to cruise around at 20mph average with minimal effort!




Paul Cockram (the most aerodynamic upper body ive ever met)

In retrospect it seems foolish I delayed as long as I did before consulting help. I assumed that being able to ride a MTB well I would simply transfer those skills to a road bike. It appears I was some way off the mark as climbing, which is something that has always been kind to me, was difficult and strenuous on the thighs with my new road bike. I have to recruit the legs more than most as I ride with an upper arm prosthetic which restricts a natural technique but the positioning on this bike wasn’t utilising the correct or even all the leg muscles. 
I’m sure a bike fit is beneficial in all kinds of areas but I would argue that the most benefit comes from a good bike fit on the climbs. I needed to be recruiting all the muscle groups, not just one  thus a proper bike set up is crucial for this. 
Riding a bike well is about being efficient. That’s especially true on climbs when you’re under stress. A proper bike set up and good position on the bike can only improve efficiency and that will improve your climbing technique. 
After my set up with Russ my next ride was the Peak Epic which has 13,000 ft of ascending. Not once did I get out of the saddle on 14 categorised climbs so it’s no exaggeration to say that the bike fit found all the muscle groups and placed them in their correct positions to allow for comfortable and continuos climbing. 

Paul cockram


Jason Mehmet (novice cyclist but possibly not for long)

I had my bike fit Saturday just gone (28th-sep). Obviously while there we discussed my knee issues etc and how it’s played me up for years, and after a lengthy session on my bike it causes real pain.
Sunday morning I went out and cracked up 15 miles and never felt a thing in my knee, stretched it out after and it was fine.
Monday I cycled to and from work totaling about 12 miles and no pain at all.
I have just cycled into work again this morning and again no pain.

Just wanted to say thank you for the fit and taking the time to understand what I wanted out of the fit, it has made a huge difference to wanting to get back on the bike and it’s made a huge difference on it. I’m faster, feel more balance and also I feel I could go longer. 

Jason Mehmet


Mark Renshaw The One and Only! (in lincs)

I went to see Russ@ Powerupbikefitting out of desperation. I have cycled for many years and have suffered from lower back pain for  a few of those, I just put that down to ‘ Well that’s cycling’ and put up with the discomfort. In the past few months it has become intolerable and has really impacted on my enjoyment of a sport I love.
I did a Google search for bike fitting in Lincolnshire ( I am based in Horncastle luckily) and came upon Russ’s site. To say that I thought long and hard about it would be an understatement, because in some ways it is an admission of defeat. I have been riding for 35 years and can’t get comfortable on a bike, what does that say about me.
To cut a long story short, I telephoned Russ and am I glad that I did, my mind and fears where put to rest and an appointment made for later in the week.
 Russis a professional at what he does and the first thing he does is put you at ease. There is a lot of questioning before anything else, just to gauge what the customer wants and what your style of riding is and what you hope to achieve from the fitting process. Mine was not straightforward due to pre-existing lower back issues and a fair amount of discomfort before even getting on the bike.
I had 2 bikes fitted and the whole process took 5 hours. A fair amount of time for sure but Russ left no stone unturned and each adjustment was double checked and Russ was only satisfied when I was comfortable. The process is not rushed and you as the  customer are in no doubt that your needs are the most important and Russ will not stop until you are 100% happy.I have ridden approx 100 miles in the 2 days since my fitting with none of the issues to which I have endured in the past. I am now very comfortable on the bike and it seems as though it is now part of me not just a device for torture.It has also improved the handling of the bike as I am far more balanced upon it, I am really enjoying my cycling again for sure. I am now also the proud owner of 2 bikes with differing geometry  that are within 2 millimetres of each other with regard to position and that can only help too.
I hope what I have written helps people to make a decision and get a professional fitting , if you have any position related issues or discomfort please speak with Russ he really can help..

Mark Renshaw


Chris Greenwood hardcore rugby player

After retiring from playing Rugby and still wanting to stay fit, I bought a road bike and started cycling. I really enjoyed it but I never found it a comfortable experience and all of aches and pains I had from Rugby just kept coming back to haunt me. In a last ditch attempt to avoid just riding my couch instead, I decided to get a bike fitting. I found Power Up on the internet and was immediately impressed with the no-nonsense approach and the fact that it is aimed at all cyclists not just the elite few. I arranged my appointment via email, when I arrived Russ was very professional, friendly, listened carefully and just keeps going until you are totally satisfied. On thefinal test ride I just couldn’t believe how my bike felt, in fact I’m now thinking of ditching my couch and sitting on my bike to watch TV, that’s how comfortable it was. Forget all of the fancy gadgets and gizmos, Russ is the man, whether you’ve spent £300 or £3000 on your bike, getting a bike fit from Russ will be the best money you will ever spend.

Chris G

R D SCOTHERN Ironman Tri Specialist

“Coming from a triathlon background, I’ve had plenty of experience riding and racing on the road. Whenever I got a new bike, I just set it up in a similar way to my old one and tweaked it until I was happy. It wasn’t until I started to up my mileage that I developed severe knee pain. Russ was incredibly professional from the outset and his knowledge in the field was clear. We tried numerous bike set ups, altering stem length, bar type and height etc, until I was completely happy. He was patient and respectful, carefully listening to my comments about a new position and deciding on the best ways to improve it. Not only has the pain in my knee gone, I have found I can ride further and faster than before. When I purchased my new Time Trial bike, the company offered me a complementary Retul fit to help market it. I can honestly say that Russ’ fit was not only more professional and better value for money, but yielded exactly the same results; sticky pads and fancy cameras can only do so much and at the end of the day it boils down to experience…something Russ has in abundance! 

If you are in two-minds about a bike fit, have a niggly injury or have contemplated forking out a hefty wad of cash for a Retul fit; seriously consider a session at PowerUp Bike Fitting, I cannot recommend it enough.”

Thanks once again for the fit, it was really beneficial, and suffice to say the knee troubles have completely vanished!!



Stuart Hammond very competative cyclist

-Having put of having a bike fit for years I finally bit the bullet and had one one with Russ. I opted for the offer of having two bikes done on the same day with two sets of shoes.
I chose Russ because I wanted someone who did nothing but bike fitting and not a shop that did them as a side line.
From the minute I met Russ I knew I had gone to the right place. Easy to get along with, professional and yet relaxed. He methodically went about the set up until I was happy with the feel and comfort of it and not just relying on how the measurements suggested I should look etc. Each step was explained in detail and stem length/height was altered over again to ensure accurate positioning. 
The difference in power delivery since the fit has been amazing allowing me to ride longer and harder than before. No more numb foot or pain in the knee thanks to the cleat set up nor back/neck pain on long rides.
My first ride in anger abroad saw a PB ascending the Col d’Aspin in the pyrenees by nearly 3 minutes.
Thanks again 


Debbie Barnett World sprint triathlon competitor
“I felt like i was riding a new bike after Russell’s bike fit. Russell offers a very thorough and professional personalized service. After adjusting to the new position, the new fit was put to the test on the mountains in Mallorca, i definately felt the benefits during ascending and descending! I would strongly recommend powerup bike fitting for injury pevention, optimal power output and very importantly, maintaining comfort!”


Paul Holder Time Trial Specialist;
“After 20 years of cycling i was starting to pick up little niggles from each training ride.I had tried a change of training routine but nothing would stop the continuous list of injury after injury.I thought that after 20 years i would be in the right position on the bike but after speaking with Russell, i decided to have a bike fit done.What a change. comfortable, less fatigue, the bike handles better than ever,the list goes on.Now i’m back on the bike and enjoying my cycling once again, after suffering with injury’s for so long the only thing i can say is i wish i had done it earlier”.


Justin Atkinson Sportive Enthusiast;
“I started cycling about 8 months ago.Soon after i decided to enter a sportive as a goal to aim for. Unfortunatley very soon into my training i developed a knee problem that no amount of rest would get rid of. As soon as i rode any distance beyond about 20 miles the injury would resurface. That was until i had the brainwave of attending a bike fit with powerupbikefitting. The bike fit was thorough and carried out by Russ who is experienced and appropriately qualified. As a result of his invaluable help, and my saddle being at the right height the knee problem has dissapeared entirely and i am now back on track with my training.
I would recommend powerupbikefitting without hesitation.”


Andrew Broxholme Time Trial/ Road Race specialist
“Having returned to time trialing after quite a few years off and spending thousands on the bike and kit the one thing i forgot to do was set up the bike in the correct position for me! i could not believe how wrong i had got it, having done a power test before i went to Russ and one after the bike was set up, the POWER was up 12 watts!!
If you think about how much is spent on going those few seconds faster then this really is value for money”


Tom Findlay training for his 1st IRONMAN triathlon
“Thank you very much Russell! Getting a bike fit has so many advantages, i would highly recommend one and definately one with POWERUP! A very professional and personal service.Being quite new to cycling myself , after getting the bike fit, the improvement was apparent straight away, i am now quicker, more efficient, there are no more little niggles after long rides and climbing hills is so much easier! Keep up the good work and i will see you soon for getting fitted for my time trial bike.”


Alan  Woodward training for his 1st half IRONMAN
“Hi Russ i thought i would report in about my recent bike fit, it has got to be the best value for money thing that i could have done to improve my performance. Instantly i have produced a 3 min season best on a 10 mile TT and a 1 min PB followed by a small improvement on my PB this week in windier conditions. I have also knocked lumps of my duathlon times. I feel in a very powerful position on the bike and know that if i can build on my strength and fitness i will be able to convert the improvement through my bike. Thanks once again for your expertise, help and advise.Cheers Alan”


Nikki Fletcher training for half IRONMAN
“I am a triathlete and i have recently had a bike fitting with Russell since experiencing prolonged injury to my hip flexor on the bike, which was also affecting my hamstrings during run sessions. This has been a on-going problem during the entire start to the season, leading to complete rest from training for a number of weeks at one point.
Russell has done an outstanding job of setting up the correct position for my road bike as well as my TT bike. Not only is it more comfortable but i no longer have issues with any of the previous weak areas mentioned above. I feel certain that this specialist bike fitting is responsible for improved performance and i have gained more confidence again with training sessions.This became evident in achieving a great result in a recent triathlon event. I strongly recommend Russell and his work for a professional and friendly specialist bike fitting service. If this is something you have put off doing for some time, go ahead and get it done! its complete value for money in every way.”
Nikki Fletcher

Steve Smith looking to venture into sportives”I’m very much an amateur, riding for fun anything from a quick 10 mile whizz to about 60 miles distance on a good day.Having always had bikes i thought i knew my comfortable seat and bar height, and that they were all i needed. Russ talked through what i wanted from cycling, and spent time assessing my own dimensions, posture, movements etc., then set about adjusting both bikes to suit. Remaining both informal and professional throughout, the whole process was a very enjoyable experience.
I am not the 1st to say it’s like having a new bike (actually one of mine was new) but that is the feeling i have had. Those niggly pains you dismiss as fatigue because you’ve ridden at your own limit are no longer there. I get home and want to go out again. I can tackle those tedious long inclines on the big ring and i’ll go out in the wind rather than use it as an excuse not to bother. Highly recommended whether you are a member of the elite or a total newbie, the benefits of a well fitted bike are for everyone.”
Steve Smith

Kevin Roberts  long distance cyclist 
“Since my fitting with you 5 weeks ago, my cycling strength has improved immensely with no sign of the return of the dreaded IT band syndrome  in my knees. My weak point has always been climbing but in a very short space of time that has improved along with my riding skills helped by being in a more comfortable riding position, i almost enjoy cycling into the wind now i can use the drops for long periods. I have done some decent rides over the last few weeks ( 1 century) and i now have a bigger smile on my return than on the start.
I was impressed with how you replicated my summer and winter bikes to the millimeter and how easy it is to change bikes now that winter is upon us. Thanks for the advice and great job well done.”